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new do lulu.  

this year, the red light district is continuing to explore the world of frank wedekind’s monster-tragedy through our ongoing residency at buddies in bad times.

in march, susanna fournier & ted witzel are travelling to london to present LULU v.3 // who do lulu? you do lulu? at the camden people’s theatre as part of the 2017 sprint festival.

next, in april, catch the latest instalment, LULU v.5 // and nothing could ever be the same, showing for 2 days  at buddies in bad times theatre.  in this workshop presentation we’re returning to frank wedekind’s original text to revisit and revise the story of LULU for the 21st century.

finally, stayed tuned for a special announcement about LULU v.6—a one-time one-of-a-kind event at buddies to kick off the annual pride festival this june.


LULU v.5 // and nothing could ever be the same

LULU v.3 // who do lulu? you do lulu? (LONDON)

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