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two new lulus for you-you.  

this season, the red light district is diving deeper into the world of frank wedekind’s monster-tragedy through our ongoing residency at buddies in bad times.

in november, artistic director ted witzel travelled to berlin, with LULU co-creator susanna fournier, to take up residence at the institut für alles mögliche, where they began developing parts 3 & 4 of LULU // aspects of a femme fatale.

they presented LULU v.3 // who do lulu? you do lulu? first in november of 2015 at berlin’s büro für bestimmte dinge, and will be bringing it to toronto in early february for a run at videofag.

a few weeks later, catch the next instalment, LULU v.4 // but you are not a dead woman as a special presentation at the 37th annual rhubarb festival.  in this version, project creator ted witzel takes the stage to face off against all the women before him, in an experiment designed to interrogate our assumptions about authorship, appropriation, and where the edges of language in sexual discourse lie.

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LULU v.3 // who do lulu? you do lulu?

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LULU v.4 // but you are not a dead woman

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