the red light district’s inquiry into sexual psychopathy presents:

LULU // aspects of a femme fatale



LULU v.6 // all the fucks i never gave


a sweaty sexy party to kick off pride month //
BYO fashion // come in a costume or an outfit or nothing at all //
get yourself did up + come make out with a stranger

curated by helen yung + ted witzel + lauren gillis

DJs // denise BENSON // dre NGOZI // karim olen ASH

tattoos  // oysters  // makeup // onsite styling // lash bar // shibari // peep shows
dancing // dancing // dancing // dancing 


the project:

DSC_3748 (1) copy

a series created in residence at buddies in bad times.

(after frank wedekind).

created by ted witzel et al.

dramaturgy by mel hague and brendan healy.

this multi-part series is an ongoing experiment we are conducting in residence at buddies in bad times.

through a process of “collective deconstruction,” we are looking at one of western drama’s most provocative and problematic figures—frank wedekind’s LULU.  more than 30 of the city’s most exciting writers and theatre artists have been involved in exploring this narrative, and we are presenting our results as we go.

she is pandora, she is eve, she is helen of troy, she’s a goddess, nymph, divine—and she’s also just a young woman with an innocent appetite for pleasure.  so why do the men she fucks all seem to end up dead?  is she a liberated woman or just a fembot wet dream dancing her way out of wedekind’s imagination and into the hands of jack the ripper?

what does lulu say about us, about our sexual imaginations and our shame?  and why does sexuality, especially female sexuality, terrify us, send us running to name it, control it, categorize and condemn it?

lulu knows what you’re ashamed of.  and she’d like to spread it on her toast for breakfast.

past versions:

LULU v.5 // and nothing could ever be the same

LULU v.4 // but you are not a dead woman

LULU v.3 // who do lulu? you do lulu?


LULU v.2 // because bad things happen to bad girls

v.1 // pandora's box: a monster-tragedy

LULU v.1 // pandora’s box: a monster-tragedy