the red light district’s fire safety initiative presents:

november 2-19 (wed-sat) 2011 @ 8pm (doors 7:30).

written by max frisch.
directed by lauren gillis.

playing at the imperial pub (54 dundas st. e)

tickets $20 (a limited number of $15 student/artsworker tickets are available each night).

to reserve tickets email

the story:

in every newspaper it’s the same story: a grubby, homeless peddler has somehow gotten into your neighbour’s attic and set fire to the house. whole towns are going up in flames. if you suspect someone is a “fire raiser”, close your door to them—so say the public service announcements delivered by a chorus of firemen.

so when a homeless ex-wrestler from the (recently burned down) circus walks in your front door and asks for a favour, what do you do? you shouldn’t be hard-hearted or narrow-minded—not every grubby peddler is a fire raiser. but with the attic filling up with mysterious canisters and odd strangers, and dinner table conversation filling up with bad jokes about arson, you really have to ask: when exactly should suspicion become judgment?

consistently on the verge of disaster, the fire raisers tiptoes through the awkward spaces between the fear of acting too soon and the horror of acting too late.


gillian biedermann – briana templeton
josephine schmitz – courtney lyons
willie eisenring – justin miller
the PHD / widow chalmers / policewoman – mina james
anna, the maid – eve wylden
the fire brigade – marcel dragonieri and alaine hutton


director – lauren gillis
producers – ted witzel and kerry freek
stage managers – catherine dunn and una ruud saxvik
assistant director / dramaturg – katie binnersley
set designer – paul aloisi
costume designers – erin telegdi and sj thiessen
sound designer – mike conley