IVONA princess of burgundia*

*an awkward fairytale for coldhearted times
at the gladstone hotel, august 2008.

by witold gombrowicz.
directed by ted witzel.

MEET IVONA. she’s kind of quiet. and not terribly vivacious. or even that pretty or smart or nice. actually, she’s not anything. she’s kind of sick and smells bad. in fact she’s so devoid of any redeeming qualities that people who meet her want to smash her face in with a brick. but for whatever reason, prince charming (well, actually his name’s philip but he’s charming enough) has decided to marry her. the king and queen are reasonable people, so naturally they try to be accepting, but with the ladies-in-waiting panicking and the king beginning to sputter nonsense, one simple truth slowly becomes clear:


ivona – briana templeton
prince philip – reid linforth
king ignatius – spencer evoy
queen margaret – daina valiulis
the lord chamberlain – lauren gillis

isobel – hilary connell
simon – ted witzel
cyprian – teague russell
innocent – zachary gray
checkers – kat letwin

las meninas – eve wylden, valerie cina, and mina james

director – ted witzel
assistant director – catherine dunn
stage manager – cat owen
assistant stage manager – alaine hutton
costumes – sarah-jane thiessen and erin telegdi
photography – paddy-jane
design – zachary gray

glenn sumi, now magazine: ivona’s on
paul gallant, eye weekly: ivona, princess of burgundia