… la ronde …

La Ronde

the red light district’s department of sexual education presents:
… la ronde … la ronde … la ronde …
written by arthur schnitzler.
translated by ted witzel.

playing at wicked club (1032 queen st. w.).

may 19-21, 25-28, and june 1-4 @ 7:30 (doors at 6:45)

tickets: $25 door / $15 students (online advance tickets for $20 available here)

the story
stay with me. who knows if we’ll still be alive tomorrow?

ten people. ten scenes. ten hook-ups. one big city that never sleeps (alone).

ten seemingly unconnected people lost in a metropolis. rubbing elbows on the subway, walking by one another on the street, dancing beside each other at the same clubs.

ten people go looking for contact under the buzzing lights of a city at night. scene by scene, couples meet, talk, fuck, and talk, and then change partners, repeat. in the final scene the circle is closed. and somewhere, in the shadows of every scene, death is lurking.

the nameless characters of la ronde search for distraction / satisfaction through sex. and then look further.

audience advisory: … la ronde … contains representations of sexual violence.

cast –
the floozie – tyson james
the soldier – milan malisic
the chambermaid – mariana medellin-meinke
the young master – marcel dragonieri
the young wife – lauren gillis
the husband – beau dixon
the sweet young thing – raffaele ciampaglia
the poet – eve wylden
the actress – maarika pinkney
the count – michael david blostein

dj – the tijuana pony show

crew –
director – ted witzel
producers – kerry freek and catherine dunn
dramaturg / assistant director – katie binnersley
stage manager – christopher ross
lighting design – cam davis
costume design – erin telegdi and sj thiessen
choreography – mariana medellin-meinke and maarika pinkney
sound design – tristan johnston
props master / lighting design assistant / video design – una ruud saxvik