LULU v.3 // who do lulu? you do lulu?

(a psycho-geographic performance-cum-installation)

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created by susanna fournier & ted witzel.

NEW LONDON DATES! march 11 (9pm) & 12 (8.30pm), 2017 // camden people’s theatre // 58-60 hampsted rd. london //  part of the 2017 SPRINT festival // did we mention your ticket gets you a beer or a kiss?

tickets £12//  buy advance tickets online here // earlybird and double-bill deals available // due to limited capacity we advise buying in advance.

LULU v.3 is a psycho-geographic performance-slash-installation about sex and loneliness in digital hookup culture. inspired by one of western drama’s most controversial femmes-fatales (lulu), this is a queer and feminst revisioning for the the 21st century.  our objects of play include costumes and sad clowns, interactive maps to trace your own histories of sex and grief, music videos, headphones, mood lighting and mannequins, and a nightclub confessional where your hosts ask you for 2 truths and a lie.







(photos by lyon smith).

you. you.  you here.  ah.  that’s good.

let’s play a game. i’ll give you an address and a time. you just need to find me behind a curtained window on a city street.

come see lulu rehearse rituals of sex, death, grief and confession. this is trash, this is myth, this is biography, this is art, this is all a fucking lie about who we fucked and when and where and how it hurt.  somewhere inside the fluctuating gap between sex and intimacy, nakedness and disguise, is the moment we meet each other, and the moment we leave each other. come to confess, we are going to confess. come to watch, we are going to be seen.

this is all the sex i ever had. this is all the sex i ever never regretted. who do lulu? you do lulu?

LULU v.3 // who do lulu? you do lulu? was previously shown and developed at the INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE in berlin in november 2015, and VIDEOFAG gallery in toronto in february 2016.

susanna fournier

susanna fournier


susanna fournier is a theatre-maker from toronto, canada. her work is feminist and anti-imperial. that’s pretty much it. for more:

ted witzel

ted witzel


(taedon witztl doesn’t live here anymore).

ted makes plays. usually they’re by dead people. not always. right now he does that in toronto. he has also done it in vancouver, montreal, berlin, paris, milan, stuttgart, ingolstadt, baden-baden, and bad hersfeld, which is a small town with a lot of sheep in it. well, near it. he has a company where he makes plays with friends, called the red light district. ted has a so-called spider-plant on his desk that is taking an awfully long time to make spiders.