HATCH residency


adapted & directed by lauren gillis & ted witzel. performed by kaleb alexanderrong futyler hagemannrichard partingtong. kyle shields, & eve wylden.set concept by camie koo. costumes by amanda wong.  sound by christopher stanton. video by wesley mckenzie. production managed by christopher ross & amanda wong.  wardrobe managed by sandra mandich.  props & costumes constructed by luke pieroni, fraser shouten-pace, ksenia ivanova, mia vaasjo, & brenda duran.  stage managed by sandy plunkett.  rehearsal stage managed by joey condello.  assistant stage managed by jules mendoza.  production co-ordinated by beth wong.  technical operation by divesh padhiar. curated by evan webber.

1st showing: april 19 at 8pm (2015) at the harbourfront centre studio theatre.

(photo credit: alejandro santiago)

we created a first version of the piece in april 2015 as part of harbourfront’s HATCH residency program.

we used the residency as an opportunity to create a first-draft staging, and to use the week in the studio theatre to play with some video and lighting ideas.

some of the questions we were asking included:

what does it mean to perform a prose narrative? • how do you stage a punctuation mark? • what happens to narrative perspective in dramatic work? • is it possible to stage a tabloid? • how does audience complicity drive this narrative forward? • is rape only rape when the victim calls it rape? • why do we avoid the truth when it runs counter to our impression of it? • why are we more interested in the scandal than the sex crime? • why do we stick around for a whodunnit if we know on page three whodunnit? • why is everyone always falling down in kleist’s writing? • if someone tells you that you ate horse meat but didn’t know it was horse meat, did you really eat the horse meat? • who controls the truth?