titus andronicus!

at the helen gardiner phelan playhouse, september 2007.

written by william shakespeare and heiner müller.
adapted by the red light district.


rape. mutilation. bumfights. murder. revenge. roadkill. cookery.

returning to rome in triumph with the defeated queen of the goths and her sons as prisoners of war, titus andronicus’ fortunes take a bloody turn for the worse when the new emperor takes the captive queen as his wife. coliseum violence with a clown as mc.

a group of homeless people gather in a decimated alleyway to retell shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy. or most gory farce. barely any survivors. refreshments will be sold.

titus – james wallis
tamora – eve wylden
aaron the moor – ben ross
lavinia – val cina
the clown – catherine dunn

also featuring: alex champlin, tom davis, kevin kline, kat letwin, sonia lindner, reid linforth, briana templeton, mike vitorovich, and sarah warren.

director – ted witzel
stage manager – cat owen
assistant stage manager – sophie paterson
costumes – sarah-jane thiessen and erin telegdi
publicity – zachary gray
set construction – tristan johnston

lizzie mcneely, shedoesthecity.com: beware of blood on your skinny jeans