(just over the little dash between yes and no).

at the lower ossington theatre, june 2010.
written by georg büchner.
translated by ted witzel and johanna schall.

directed by ted witzel.
choreography by brian solomon.
with original music by whitney ross barris and zachary gray.

the story.
what does a society do with the members it cannot assimilate?

woyzeck is a poor man struggling to make ends meet in a rapidly changing world. a solider in peacetime, he sells his living body to science, moonlights as a barber, and works evenings at a freak show to support his girlfriend marie and their child.

when she cheats on woyzeck with a higher-ranking officer, visions of the apocalypse invade his mind along with a chorus of voices from the ground-and they tell him to kill marie. again. and again. their din grows harsher and louder until, one day, he does what only seems natural.

the story of a mad man. or a mad world. or both.

cast –
woyzeck – reid linforth
marie – lauren gillis
the doctor – eve wylden
the captain – marcel dragonieri
karl, the idiot – julian dezotti
the drum major – brandon hackett
andres – mike mackinnon
käthe, the marvellous singing bearded lady – whitney ross-barris

crew –
director – ted witzel
dramaturg – johanna schall
producer – catherine dunn
stage manager / props – catherine owen
choreography / movement – brian solomon
music – whitney ross-barris
arrangements – zachary gray
musicians – zachary gray, steve savage, conor hall
costume design – sarah-jane thiessen and erin telegdi
set design – devon bhim
lighting design – linn øyen farley
dance rehearsal director – marianna medellin-meinke
publicity – kat letwin
assistant director – janina kowalski
assistant stage manager – samya kullab
assistant producer – di pfeffer
carpentry – tristan johnston, jiv parasram, martha chomyn, christopher ross
makeup – anj mulligan

reviews –
jordan bimm, now magazine: woyzeck: german gem

interviews –
kerry freek, mondo magazine: interview: the red light district’s ted witzel
glenn sumi, now magazine: preview: woyzeck