a red light district is a place where the usual rules of law do not apply. sex-trade, drug trafficking, and all manner of subversive behaviour can be tolerated. the theatre is a place for breaking rules, subverting taboos, interrogating social norms. the two share the common trait of being places where one indulges one’s illicit desires / fantasies / fetishes. the red light district is an independent toronto-based theatre-making-thing formed in 2006. we are here to engage in an interrogative dialectic over the little dash between yes and no.

(we also know a fair bit about which foods make good stage vomit, including, but not limited to: vegetable soup, tapioca pudding, fruit cup, cream of mushroom soup, tonic water and a nice macaroni salad).

theatre is a space in which people can ask questions without an immediate need for useful, moral, reasonable or politically correct answers. this space is created by playing a game with rules and seeing what happens when people go up against them. to us, the worlds of classical texts are games whose rules have been forgotten, distorted by time, or taken for granted long enough become unrecognizable, until they are made theatrical. by playing these games in the present in the form of theatre, we invite our audience to engage with us in a struggle with rules from unfamiliar worlds and to ask what they will about their own.